Cocaine Testing Kit: Proper Guide to Accurate Drug Testing

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Do you have any questionable substances at home? Are you curious enough to know if your medication is safe from harmful drugs? Don’t worry, there are safe ways to do it. Let me introduce to you our friend, the cocaine testing kit.

Cocaine testing kits or simply drug testing kits are products you can buy in the drugstore which contains a reagent like Scott reagent. The reagent in the substance would act as the main tester for the questionable medicine, supplement or any substance you want to test out.

Today, we will show you the proper guide to use these testing materials for your own safety, security, and health. So, you better take notes of these. Get more Interesting details about cocaine test kit on whatismolly.

The process is actually really simple:

  • You only need to use a small and tiny piece of your drug or questionable sample for testing.
  • Apply one drop of the liquid reagent from the testing kit to the substance. You may use the little spoon provided for in the kit.
  • Now observe the color change that takes place over a period of 30 seconds. You’ll want to pay attention to the immediate color reaction as well as what the color becomes after.

Now that you’re done doing the testing steps, you have to pay attention to the color reactions. You just have to compare the reaction to the color chart. This process can be repeated with different tiny samples using different reagents to enhance the usefulness of this technique.

For example, MDMA could be tested with Marquis, Mandelin and Simon’s. While LSD could be tested with Ehrlich and Marquis.

So, that’s it. You really need to bear in mind and take by heart the steps to properly test the substance. Remember that it’s for your safety, for your health, and for your security. We all know that the most dangerous thing in the world is taking the wrong drug for you.

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