Do Towers Mean Bad Luck In Astrology

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Have you ever heard the word Towers in Astrology or in Horoscopes? Well, if you have already encountered such word but you don’t know yet the meaning behind it, then this article can help you with that. By the way, Towers can be found in the tarot card. They have a specific name for it which is the Towers card. This tower card means in astrology doesn’t necessarily mean bad luck because just like the tower, they have a possibility to be collapsed or destroyed. So if there is the appearance of the Towers then this might mean something will collapse or destroy. It can be plans, investments of things that are tangible and takes time to build up.

Something might happen

When there is an appearance of Towers in your card, you need to know if it is something found in the past or in the future. If the Towers card is found in the past, then that means you have already experienced some things that never happen or something you have slowly and carefully build up are gone to waste and it is something that you should consider as a lesson. But if you find the tower card in your future, then this should be something that you need to be careful of. It means that there is a problem that you will be facing and you need to face it with faith and courage. Get more Interesting details about abraj on 3rbe.com.

It can be a blessing and lesson in disguise

A lot of people believe that whatever bad happens to a person, he or she should take it as a lesson learned and not to dwell on it too much. People are fond of reading astrology because they are too curious about their future and they just want to know if this will help them prepare of what is instore for them.

If you see a tower card in your future, don’t be afraid of it but instead you need to face it with faith and courage because these things are not permanent and it will only mold you to become a better person.

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