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First of all, It is better to understand the basics of woven fabrics when you plan to buy one. These woven fabrics are usually made by using two or even more sets of yarn. These sets of yarn are just interlaced at the angle of 90 degrees against each other. There are numerous varieties of fabrics manufactured by this process of weaving. Learn about woven fabric on fabricsyard.

Characteristics feature of woven fabrics

These woven fabrics have a characteristic feature of durable nature which makes us to easily cut them into different kinds of shape as we wish. These types of fabrics are used for producing extraordinary styles of clothing. You must need to provide huge protection when it comes to the raw edges ravel or fray because these parts can be easily subjected to damage. The woven fabrics would possess a huge number of fabrics count since the number of wraps is high same as the weft yarns. These fabric counts will be much useful to keep them in good shape. If your fabrics are low count in number then it might be less durable and it might become snag and stretch.

Types of Woven fabrics

Woven fabrics are manufactured in a variety of widths depending upon the user. The fabrics used for clothing would be around 90 cms wide. The size of the sheeting materials would be around 160 cm/140cms and 150cms/180 cms of width. There are many types of woven fabrics preferred by people all over the world. Here are the few varieties such as Buckram Fabric, Chintz Fabric, Flannel Fabric, Aida cloth Fabric, Cambric Fabric, Gabardine Fabric, Khadi Fabric, Kashmir Silk Fabric, Corduroy Fabric, Organdie / Organza Fabric, Casement Fabric, Denim Fabric, Crepe Fabric, Sheeting Fabric, Tissue Fabric, Mousse line Fabric, Velvet Fabric, Madras Muslin Net Fabric, Mulmul Fabric, Georgette Fabric, Cheese Cloth, Aertex Fabric, Muslin Fabric, Chiffon Fabric, Drill Fabric, Lawn Fabric, Poplin Fabric, Taffeta Fabric and Leno Fabric.

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