First and foremost is the amount of interest. As a result, a number canonly be taken. This aspect particularlyattracts new customers. Be warned though. It may happen that a promised interest rate only applies for a certain period of time. Pretty much you belong to the existing customers and already the percentages are different. Many aspirants of a call money account change regularly for this reason to always own the best interest rate . This effort is not always pleasant and with plenty of time connected, So that you stay longer with your selected bank from the outset , it is worthwhile to focus on the essentials . Therefore, look at all changes in the term. The next fact relates to the timing of the respective distributions . Here are the usual offers. Either an annual, quarterly or monthly payout . The monthly charge is, of course , lucrative and tempting, especially in the case of high, existing sums. The decision maker is also the point of security. That’s exactly whyCustomers choose a call money account . In the event of an opening by a German bank, the deposit insurance of the respective banking associations will be effective in an emergency .